Dorm Guide: Kawaii Pillows for the Dorm

Love these cute-ass pillows! Say, KAWAII! I don’t think one is enough…

KAWAII guide-2

Kawaii and white. This is a very challenging pillow to have. This pillow needs to be hidden during study groups where a delicious pizza is involved.





This shy Mr. Snuffleupagus-wanna-be for that shy person in you.



Who doesn’t love chocolates? Cute and chocolates, I’m sold.


All-work-no-play would make anyone dull. So here’s to Kawaii-night, er, Karaoke-nights! Bring-out some beers and chips and we are all good to go! 


To that poet in you. Bring in the blue…


And yes, to that sunny person inside, let the sunshine out!


Hope you liked our list of KAWAII-ful pillows to grace your dorm room. 

KAWAII guide-3

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