10 Ultimate Set of Pillows for your Man-Cave


Give your man-cave that accessory boost. Here’s ten of the most unique pillows for a swanking man-cave.



1. Pizza Pillows that even your dog would love.


Kawaii Cute Pepperoni Pizza for the Nerd Geeks Round Pillow
Pepperoni Pizza


Pepperoni Pizza for the Man-Cave Round Pillow
Pepperoni Jalapeno Pizza


Pizza Pillow
Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizza


2. Retro Game Consoles for that kid in you.

Kawaii Cute Gamepad for the Nerd Geeks Round Pillow
Retro Gamepad


Kawaii Cute Joystick for the Nerd Geeks Round Pillow
Retro Joystick


Console Game Controller Pad Round Pillow for Gamer
Game Controller Pad


Video Games Controller Pillow for Gamer Geeks
Game Controller

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